Friday, June 4, 2010

Sigh. 2 days of eating lunch out, despite keeping an eye on portions and calories and my weight is up. And this is the ‘gluttony’ weekend. But it doesn’t have to be a gluttony weekend for me.

Anyway - today’s weight: 162.6 up from 161.4 yesterday. I will start averaging my weight again.

Also - my 6th period in a matter of 10 weeks or so. I started again yesterday. This time with cramps and clotting. Ah, the change is coming. The change is coming.

So, what is my plan for this weekend:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast both days - yogurt, blueberries and granola.
  2. Take my black bean salad and regular salad greens for my lunch tomorrow. Eat 1 hamburger patty. No bread. No chips. Take some carrot sticks too.
  3. Remember that I am ordering 2 lbs of barbecue to bring to D and I don’t need to try to get my six month’s fill in on Saturday night. I’ll go through the line one time and get reasonable amounts of the food I love. I will eat slowly and savor every bite - stopping when I am no longer hungry.
  4. Take a walk with my brother Sunday morning.
  5. Ask D to soak garbanzo beans for me so I can make more hummus

And what is my reward for sticking to my plan? The sound track to Crazy Heart. What a fantastic movie - and who knew Jeff Bridges could sing?!?!

OK - so I’m really good at plans and goals and stating rewards. I have a very bad habit of “out of site” out of mind. So I’m going to do a Judith Beck here. I’m going to see if I can find a way to ‘text’ my plans to me. I will definitely have them on both my iPhone AND my iPad. And I think I will write them down on an index card too.

I thinks this is where Judith Beck comes into play more so than Martha Beck. It is so easy to simply forget the goals.

Oh yeah - I should remind myself WHY I want to stick to my plan:

I want to stick to my plan this weekend because:

  1. It will make me feel better about myself
  2. I am in active weight loss mode - in the process of losing 7 lbs. Overeating this weekend will put me further away from the goal.
  3. I really want the soundtrack.

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