Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fighting Depression

And doing my best to be proactive about it.  I stepped on the scales yesterday.  Sigh - I don't even want to post the number - but well - honesty is honesty:  164.4.

I'm being kind and gentle to myself while still not rationalizing away that I am now 20 lbs heavier than my happy weight.

I've been pondering the notion that I probably do not need as many calories as I would like to eat on a normal basis.  In fact, I'm beginning to get the idea that just maybe I might only need  about 1300 calories a day to maintain the weight that is good for my height and frame.  That's not a lot of calories.  Especially for someone who likes to eat and sometimes self-medicates with food.

For now it means upping the veggies, lowering the starches.  Those are the changes I'm making this week.

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