Sunday, June 13, 2010

A good thing!

D and I went to Jersey Mike's for lunch.  I was hungry and I made the mistake of not planning my order before we got there and I ordered a regular # 8 - Club Sub with turkey, ham, provolone, mayo and bacon.

I watched as the counter guy PILED the meat on the sandwich.  He kept piling it on.  And the higher the stack of meat, the more my appetite shrank.  I wasn't hungry by the time we sat down.  

Fortunately I had the foresight to tell them to leave off the bacon and switch up the  mayo for oil and vinegar.  But the big savings grace on this was because I lost my appetite, I ate only half of the sandwich and some chips.  My calories are higher than I'd like them to be - but if I am careful at dinner (it's gonna be sinful so small portions) I'll be OK for the day.  No wine or gin tonight!

So what is the positive here?  This is the second time in about 3 weeks where I've lost my appetite when presented with too much food.  This is a good thing!

And on a separate note - I have given myself a weekly challenge:  Starting yesterday, I will log every bite that goes in my mouth.  EVERY BITE.  I got the idea from What A Splurge's post about the caramel candies.   I'll be tracking my progress on my Weekly Challenge Page.

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