Saturday, May 15, 2010

A week of progress

This past week’s goals
  1. I think eating vegetarian may be wrong for me - even if it’s just for part of the day. I think I need an approach of eating lean proteins and lots of veggies. Very little starch. To that end:

    • Breakfast - yogurt and blueberries w/some sort of grain or boiled eggs w/whole wheat toast
    • Lunch - salmon salad (lean meat) with greens salad and roasted squash or green beans
    • Whatever D fixes - small plate, less starch, side salad
  2. Exercise - walk Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. If I can’t walk - push ups and sit ups in my office
  3. Journal - need to be more consist. Let’s say: Sat, Sun, Mon
Hmmm - I think I wrote my plan BEFORE I did Jari Love that first time. Anyway - here’s what I did:
Food - still needs to be cleaner and I need to do better at sticking to plan. That said, food was better this past week.

Exercise - this is where I made real progress:

  • Sat - walked 1 hour
  • Sun - rest day
  • Monday - Jari Love - 1 hour (for those who don’t know - Jari Love does strength training DVD’s)
  • Tues - worked 10 hrs - did a few push ups and sit ups
  • Wed - Jari Love - 1 hour and walked 25 minutes
  • Thurs - walked - hills - 30 minutes
  • Fri - Jari Love 1/2 hr - hard full body work out using combo moves

I really feel good about my exercise. And while I’m not exercising to lose weight, I feel myself wanting healthier foods because I am exercising. I recognize that good fuel is important.
I didn’t journal quite enough.

Overall, I feel OK about this past week. I know my food still has lots of room for improvement and I’m going to continue to work on that with small changes. I feel fantastic about the exercise - looking forward to my walk this morning. And I guess the best part is that I do feel hopeful that I’m making lasting changes. I know my diet will have days that would make most nutritionists shudder - I’m gonna have a hot dog or hamburger, with fries, from time to time. But making allowances for those indulgences is what will make them possible - from time to time.

And I do believe in the power of exercise for keeping a good mental attitude about it all. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful or feel like punishment to be effective. Maybe it’s uncomfortable from time to time, but I realize now that my workouts have to suit me so that I will look forward to them AND feel good about them when I’m done.

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