Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday check in

Well, this week has pretty much sucked.  I realized a couple of things -

1.  I MUST pack and prepare my own food on all work days. Otherwise, I tend to make very poor food choices.

2.  I currently am the filling of a stress sandwich and I’m being squeezed on both sides - home and work. D’s respite on stress lasted, oh about 30 seconds, and my boss’s stress level has gone up exponentially over the past few months. Both handle their stress well. However because of my roles as partner to D and as admin to my boss - I do get their stress. It is compounded by the fact that I am an energy sponge. I’d forgotten this. I have some ideas on how to cope - one of this is going to be an insistence that I have time to deal with it my way.

D and I leave for our spring vacation on Sunday. I will weigh in on Friday, May 28th. I am preparing myself to have gained weight. But I won’t say the month has been a complete failure - I am having more good days than not and I’ve started exercising again.

While we’re away, I’m going to work on realistic goals for June.

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