Saturday, May 29, 2010

Went to the yarn store yesterday. Yikes. I left with 13 skeins of yarn and a 30” Addi Lace point #7 circular needle. $282!!! YIKES. The yarn though is heavenly - Lornas Laces Shepherds Worsted - superwash. And it’s D’s afghan. I’m using my ‘mistake’ pattern, a slight variation of the Yarn Harlot’s one-row scarf. Her pattern goes : k 2, kbl, p1. My variation goes: k2, p1, kbl. I like my variation better. It makes a nice slight ‘ridge’ and it easy to remember. Well, so is the correct version. So the afghan is this - 9 repeats of 26 stitches to be about 45” wide. And 13 skeins worth of rows. I might finish by Christmas. I hope.

So what does my splurging in the yarn store have to do with my weight management. Ummm..... nothing except that while I knit swatches yesterday afternoon, I knit right through a slight “I’m hungry” feeling. This is a good thing since according to MFD, I ate almost 1000 calories at lunch despite my efforts to choose healthy foods. Sigh.

The good news about that lunch is that I didn’t eat until I felt stuffed. I ate a reasonable portion (the heaping plate of baked ziti could have fed 3 people easily) and left the rest at the restaurant because it wasn’t all that good. D ordered fried mozzarella. I don’t know why he has to have that stuff but he does. I ate one piece of it. But I mainly filled up on salad before all the food was brought to the table. OK - and yummy garlic rolls dripping in melted butter substance. Yeah. Those rolls are what did me in. I should have stuck to my thinking of getting soup and salad. That’s what I will do next time.

I did go for a walk yesterday. After skipping just about 1 1/2 weeks of exercise, yesterday’s walk felt like it was my first in months. Sigh. Going again today. We’re going for barbecue tomorrow. I already know what I will order - 1 sandwich and a side of slaw.

What else that splurge meant is that I’m feeling hesitant to spend money on two books that I’d like to read for reinforcement: Skinny Bitch and Savor. Talk about extreme opposites. Of course, Skinny Bitch is so totally opposite of my new mantra: gently, kindly, that it’s not high up on my the list. The excerpt I read was funny. I like funny. Savor, though, fits my new mantra to a T.

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