Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's been a while...

.... since I checked in - or checked out any one else’s blogs. Life got in the way. And it promises to be this way for some time.

Today is a quiet day - we’ll be at home most of it and that affords me the opportunity to get my thoughts organized, plans made and preparation for the week done.

Looking what I’ve dropped in the past two weeks - yoga, writing, reading, breathing. Yep - most of it. BUT.. I didn’t gain all the weight back. I’m saying that’s progress. For the past two years when I’ve slacked off, there has always been a weight gain. I’m thinking since that hasn’t happened this time, perhaps I’m getting food back to where it should be.

And make no mistake - it’s all about food. 80-90% of weight loss and management success is about managing food: making good food choices and restricting calories. Exercise is helpful, but not for burning calories. It’s helpful for managing stress and for keeping the body strong, which is important for weight management.

Since I tend to practice addictive behaviors around food, I think getting my head right about food is important. And I truly do like Thich Nhat Hanh’s approach in Savor: be mindful. If you are mindful, then you can also listen to your body and learn to eat intuitively. His approach is gentle and loving. I think so many people who have weight issues have tried to battle them with brute force that they feel beaten down. Savor’s approach is empowering and uplifting. And doesn’t require any special food. I like that.

Savor: the Book

And of course I love Martha’s Beck’s approach of having goals so attainable that you can’t help but succeed. So, to get myself back on track this week - and it will be a busy week, I’m setting the following as my goals:

  1. Read passages of Savor every day
  2. Just once a day, remind myself to breathe: “Breathing in I calm my body; Breathing out, I smile”
  3. Write down every morsel I eat.

And the rewards - they have to be small, I just spent a fortune on D’s birthday, and new glasses for me.

Daily: foot massage

Days 1-3: Daily reward

Day 4: New iTunes Song

Day 5: New iTunes Song or App (under $2.00)

Day 5: New iTunes App (under $3.00)

Day 6: New iTunes App (under $5.00)

Day 7: New ebook or paper back (under $10.00)

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