Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not going so well

Work is too busy and I’m too stressed and those are just excuses. And when I say “those are just excuses” I feel like I’m beating myself up rather than being real with myself.

The truth of the matter is that for the past two days my eating has been OUT OF CONTROL. Very much “Old Maura” eating and thinking.

I know HOW to lose weight. Cut calories, eat healthy nutritious food and move more. Simple enough, right?

Then why do I seem to fail at this?

Yep - another start over for me.

Goals are good. But I forget them. It has to be even easier:

For the next DAY (ie, TODAY) - I have one rule about eating: I will only eat when my hunger level is 6 or greater on my ‘hunger scale’:

0 - 2: So not hungry that the thought of food makes me a bit ill (avoid this range - it indicates overeating)

3-4: Not hungry, not stuffed. A good place to be right after eating.

5-6: Beginning to be hungry.

7-8: Hungry - eat.

9-10: Too hungry. Avoid this range - it leads to overeating.

I can do this.

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