Friday, October 1, 2010

Sacroiliac Strain

Today's weight: 169.4

My back has gone out - something that hasn't happened in 25 years. Somehow in my teens, I did something to cause sacroiliac strain. I spent my twenties learn what I could and couldn't do - the hard way. And for the past twenty some years, I haven't had but the slightest twinge. Until Wednesday evening.

Blame it on the cats. I was trying to get Tag(our siamese kitty) to learn to be gentle with Harry, my 14-year old cat whose health is failing. So, I picked up Tag, carried him to where Harry was sitting and crouched down, still holding Tag, but twisting a little so I could get him into nose touching range with Harry. Success - noses touched with no growling or hissing. And then pain ripped through my right hip. Nauseating pain.

Now, it's a dull ache, thanks to the muscle relaxers and painkillers.

Talk about a pause.


  1. Maura--soooo sorry!! That is awful.:( Sending healing vibes your way.

  2. Thanks, Sandra! I'm much better today and will be going to the office. I'm riding in with my husband (it feels so weird to type husband when it applies to my having one) so that I won't have to drive. Sitting is still painful, but I can't afford to miss any more work.


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