Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where did October go?

And September too!

Let's see, since the end of August I have....

... decided to buy our retirement home
... put in an offer 
... decided to get married
... got married
... fought (well, D actually did the fighting) Freddie Mac and Bank of America (we won)
... endured a bout of sacroiliac strain
... said good-bye to my baby girl Harry (my 14-year old cat)
... bought furniture, appliances, and essentials for the new house
... closed on the house
... got moved in

And all the while, my work load at work has increased exponentially.  The good news - I've been 34 days without sweets and have lost 3-4 lbs.

And here are some pics of our little paradise:

Sandra, thanks for checking on me!

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