Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Sunny and Warm

Our first tease of spring came this weekend and I celebrated it by going for a nice walk this afternoon.

I'm inspired by The StoneSoup but found myself going  down that "magic bullet" thinking expressway to spending yet more money on diet books.  Instead I bought Etta James Matriarch of the Blues.  I think that was a better way to spend my money because today, I enjoyed my walk while listening to Etta's magical voice with no buyer's remorse.  I have a feeling I'd feel I'd wasted $10 on The 4-Hour Body or What Makes Us Fat.  I KNOW WHAT TO DO and don't need to spend any more money for some other self proclaimed expert's so-called advice.

That said, I'm still very much pondering a subscription to The StoneSoup's cooking classes.  I want those recipes.

Sandrelle, at Keeping The Pounds Off, is  true inspiration.  She's found herself with a few extra lbs and instead of buying the latest diet book, she took herself to see a nutritionist to get real expert advice.  The advice she received -and shared (thank you!) is sound, doesn't follow a fad and is doable.  Balance.

So, I'm working on my own plan for balance in my food and movement.  I've had a month of getting up early and I'm beginning to get used to it.  It's time to add the next habit: mindful eating.  Measured portions and balanced meals - mindfully prepared and mindfully savored.

And you may ask - how's the knitting coming along.  My scarf is almost finished, but the little fingerless mittens have been giving me the devil.  Here's how far I've done on the first of those:

The knitted garment underneath my start of a mitten is my incredible alpaca robe from Peruvian Connection.  My D is a sweetie!  That was a Christmas gift last year.  So soft and snuggly!

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