Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oddly feeling at peace

I don't know if it was my decision to get some help - returning to a modified Optifast approach - or that D and I have been openly discussing, though not agreeing on everything, my weight gain, but I feel very much at peace with myself and food right now.

It's not all fun and games - but we are trying to come up with a solution that we both can live with, without compromising our desire to eat dinner together and not cook two separate meals.

If anyone is still reading my blog, you'll notice I've started posting what I eat each day.  This is my modified, no real numbers way of logging my food.  Starting tomorrow, I'll add another post - How I Moved Today.   And dear readers, if you don't see 3 posts a week pertaining to that topic, feel free to gently take me to task on it!  Moving isn't for weight loss  - but for health gain and I know it;s critical to my overall well-being.

And lastly - a nod to my newest favorite blog - StoneSoup.  I love it - the author is promoting very simple cooking with very simple, real food ingredients.

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