Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeking advice

I decided to separate my ramblings (posted here) with my tracking - which will now be posted here:
One Day At A Time To Success.  I get anal this way.

Just a short recap on my goals for the next week - I'm keeping the ones I already have and adding 2 research items:  Find an online food diary other than My Food and research pedometers and buy one.

So - what means do you use to track your food intake?  I don't want to join the community, but I do want one with a fairly robust food database that has allows users to add their own foods and recipes.  Right now I'm looking at Calorie Count  and Calorie King.  I like the look and feel of both.  I know that Calorie King is more robust, but I haven't found a way to enter my own recipes.  That's important.  D and I don't use many prepared foods and we cook from scratch - using real food.

Do any of you use a pedometer?  What has been your success? What kind do you use?  Do you like it? What are the pros and cons?  I have used pedometers in the past, but get very frustrated when I count the steps and compare what I counted to what the pedometer said.  Are there any ones out there that are really accurate?

We're doing our taxes this morning.  Er, D is doing our taxes.  It's not pretty - on many counts.


  1. I have been using and absolutely love it!!! It has most of the foods that I eat, and if it doesn't it is very easy to add it to the database. You can also enter your own recipes quite easily :)

  2. Hey Maura,
    I'm just catching up on some blog reading--you've been busy! Looks like you're doing a fabulous job. For food logging, I use I've been using it for over 10 years to log my food and I have all my custom stuff in there so it's easy for me and I haven't wanted to "re-do" all that info into another online data base. I've been avoiding doing my taxes--eww.


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