Sunday, April 17, 2011

Got Busy

I think I need to find a way to post just a little check-in every day.  Otherwise, before I know it - weeks have gone by with no updates.

I went to the doc this week - annual female type exam along with fasting blood work. Blood work with some interesting results.

My potassium levels were WAY too high.  I have idiopathic cyclic edema (unexplained swelling in my ankles and sometimes hands).  The best treatment for this condition is spironoloactone.  Recently my doc and I decided to double the dosage.  Spironoloactone is a potassium sparing diuretic.  I had been supplementing (obviously, incorrectly) with potassium.  When we doubled the dose, I immediately started having deep muscle cramps in my legs, muscle fatigue, back aches, queasiness, etc.  D and I did some research and stopped the potassium supplements immediately and I made sure to tell the doc to check the potassium levels when the blood work was done.  The result - the levels are still way too high.  Most of the symptoms have subsided.  I still have the cramping and fatigue, but the queasiness and back aches are gone.  The doc called Friday night - go back to my normal dose of spironoloactone.  Sigh.  Playing with dosage means more blood monitoring, which is a major pain.

But more interesting was that my calcium (blood calcium, not bone calcium) was high.  Additionally, my Vitamin D levels are low.  Doc and I need to talk about this.

And still even more interesting- my fasting blood sugar and A1C levels were normal.   That's some great news.

The lipid panel was another story.  I'm concerned about the rising triglycerides level.  It could be a function of my having gained weight.  My triglycerides to HDL ratio was still good, so I'm not panicking.

That's it for me.  No new insights.  Just staying steady.

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