Monday, May 30, 2011

What I'm reading....

First - thanks, Sunny, for the comment.  I'm still considering my options.  If I felt like I would get a good enough moderate walk in at 5 AM, I'd get up to do that - make it a walking meditation, which may work as well as journaling does.  But I know me, getting up to journal is pleasant, not that stressful.  Getting up to walk can be stressful.  And of course, not getting enough sleep is already a concern.  So - it will be a measured decision.

In the meantime, I wanted to let y'all know about a great blog I've found about weight management: A Weight Lifted.  It is published by the Green Mountain at Fox Run weight loss facility and the focus of the blog (and the facility) is to bring more of a balance to our weight management practice.

Today's post was helpful to cement my new approach in my head: Overcoming Binge Eating: Moving from Self-Loathing to Self-Care.  D and I started a conversation about my weight gain.  He sees that I am unhappy about it and that I've been beating myself up about it.  True on both points.  My weight gain to me  is the same as having my psyche beaten to a bloody pulp.  And when I think about it, I my stress levels go up and I want to eat more.  That vicious cycle.  I recognize it and am certain that the steps I need to take include compassionate self-reflection, compassionate healthy eating and compassionate consistent movement.

Another post in the same blog,  Food Obsession - When Food Thoughts Take Over, helped me realize that my life has been totally out of balance.  I've been obsessed with diet and weight management to the point that very little else has been in my life.  I'm exploring options there.  I love to knit and I love to read.  I'm already doing more of those.  I also love beautiful flower gardens and I have the opportunity to learn to care for some already established ones at our property in North Georgia:

And of course, feed the birds, and the bear...

The picture was safely taken from my kitchen window.  I can't begin to describe the awe I felt for the bear.  How such a powerful animal can look so darn cute is beyond me.  I know that if I respect him, he'll leave me alone.  But trust me - there will be no food left laying around!

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