Saturday, July 9, 2011

Can it be saved?

On a whim, I bought two beautiful hanging baskets of Million Bells to enjoy on our porch by the creek in the mountains.  The flowers were abundant and quite beautiful and I really enjoyed having them on the porch.  I had read that Million Bells require full sun so when we left that weekend, I put the plants in full sun, watered them well and asked the lady who takes care of the house to drop by and water them during the week.

Upon my return for the girl's weekend - both baskets were fried.  I almost wrote them off as a bad idea but I saw life in one.  I picked off all the dead flowers and watered it and it perked up.  I brought it home with me so it could have more regular water and TLC.  The other basket I thought was beyond hope, but I watered it well regardless.  The next time D and I went to the mountains, it showed signs of life so I cut away almost all of the plant and brought it home with us.

So, first plant really starts looking great.  Until D decided to put back out in full sun (they can't tolerate the heat we've been having in GA) and it stayed there over the 4th of July weekend with no water.  Oops.  So we're back to trying to save both plants.

At least it's an interesting project and one full of hope.

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