Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eat in Public Wednesdays

This is a weight related blog - just  because I feel the need to write a little and set my intention.

Slow Down Tuesday last week didn't work so well.  It seems to me that I remember what I'm supposed to do AFTER I do what is not good for my body.  But last night, I stopped myself in mid lick when one of Geneen Roth's guidelines popped in my head:  Eat with the intent of being seen.

D had made a wonderful rosemary mustard sauce - cream based.  And I was indulging in sneak eating as I cleaned.  Until that rule popped in my head.  And I actually stopped - I didn't wait until today.  I stopped mid-lick.   That rule resonated.  

So today, I will eat as if I'm eating in public, even if I'm alone at my desk.

Update on the Million Bells - I so wish D hadn't decided HE had to save it.  He won't listen to me and I know it needs more sun than it's getting.  It's not looking very happy.

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