Friday, July 22, 2011


As I typed that, I heard Carly Simon in my head and I can't even think of the song.  Oh well.  My CRS is acting up lately.  But I'm procrastinating - it's Friday and I'd rather not work today.

I didn't let myself get terribly depressed about something this week.  I ordered a beautiful dress from Talbots - in a size I haven't had to wear in about more than 5 years.  And it didn't fit.  The shoulders fit.  The back fit. The bodice fit.  The front part of the skirt did not fit and it had some to do with my size, but much more to do with my body shape and having some excess skin - that's filled back up some.  I have a belly.  A major belly.  I had one at my happy weight too and that dress in the size I wore at my happy weight probably would not have looked good anyway.

The thing is, we're celebrating my father's birthday on August 27th.  In the sand hills (sort of) of South Carolina.  It will be hotter than three hells there.  I need a nice dress that is on the dressy side for dinner, but not so dressy I can't wear it to work.  I'm going to have to go shopping and I HATE shopping.

But the real point is that I understood it was more the cut of the dress than  my size that made it not work.  That really is progress.


  1. I think the song Carly sings is Anticipation. That's a great word too. Anticipating that what we do and eat will make us feel good in mind and spirit. I'm with you on salads ... a terrific meal.

  2. @ Splurgie - THANK YOU! That is definitely the song. And yes - anticipation is a great word. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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