Sunday, August 7, 2011

Consistency & Retuning

I see myself following the same old patterns - doing well and then forgetting.   The past few days I've felt bloated and heavy.  Not as light as I had been feeling.  But I'm aware - and retuning* to asking the important question "is this going to make me feel heavy or is this going to make me feel light?"

* I meant to type returning but I actually like retuning.  All musical instruments need to be tuned and retuned and in my case - so does my mind.   And I can retune without guilt.

I got up and worked out this morning - first time in a while.  And for the first time in well over a year, I wore my heart rate monitor.  I had a goal for wearing it - I wanted to make sure I didn't push myself too hard.  I used to push hard and harder and even harder - looking for the calorie burn.  I know for a fact that my completely giving up exercise and healthy movement is a backlash from abusing my body that way.  So, I did get above range a few times - used that as a cue to retune (gees, I love this analogy) and reduce my intensity.  The result - I have an average heart rate of 139 bpm for 58 minutes.  And I don't feel wiped out and icky.

I'm still working on Noaa's blanket - it's really quite easy now that I'm getting the hang of it. I've never picked up stitches before - and I know it's not perfect.  But Noaa is not going to care.

And I'm reading The Writing Circle by Corinne Demas and the complex characters have definitely intrigued me.  So much that I'm about to sign off writing here and pick up the iPad to return to reading.

But before I do - does anyone have any suggestions for cooking swiss chard?  I have the recipe for my first ever tasting of this beautiful green.  I am hoping I love it for it's taste as much as I do for it's color - and if I do, then I think I shall be wanting to cook it quite often.

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