Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This was yesterday

HUNGER SCALE(from Brooke Castillo's If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight)

Stomach past growling, headache, obsessed with eating NOW






Slightly hungry, stomach beginning to growl
Just a bit hungry, twinges
Neutral – neither hunger or full.  Just right.  Unhungry
Not satiated, still feel like I could eat a little bit more
Satiated, energized but still feel light







Gross, overstuffed, heavy, dull, groggy drugged
Table 1 - Updated 8/30/11
I aspire to eat between -2 and 2.  As I progress through this journey,  I’ll make note of how I feel when I eat outside the hunger  boundaries.

August 30, 2011
8/30:  10:27 AM :   Just ate a few bites of breakfast:  yogurt, blueberries, walnuts with a bit a honey.  I was slightly hungry and decided it was indeed time to eat.  I paid attention and stopped eating when I was no longer hungry.   It was hard – the habit to eat until the plate is clean is very strong.  But I stopped eating and moved the bowl of yogurt.   I have well over half left to eat when it is time to eat again.  This is good.

8/30/2011  11:34 AM:  Feeling hungry again.  Eating more breakfast.  3 more bites.  Hunger is gone. Stopped eating.

11:58 AM: I have picked up the bowl of yogurt and put it down twice now.  I am not hungry so it is important that I honor my body and not eat until I am.

12:26 PM – OK – feeling hungry again.  This time I finished breakfast.  I have to say – this is the longest it has ever taken me to eat breakfast.

12:43 – still feeling hungry.  Getting some lunch – half a tortilla, a few bites of chicken and rice. All told – less than the size of my fist.

2:35 PM – I felt full after the lunch lunch I ate, but by 2:15 – was definitely feeling hungry.  I ate the rest of the chicken & rice, and a few cookies.  OK – more than a few.  BUT… I’ve stopped.  I realized that if I eat any more, I’m going to feel sluggish instead of good. I want to feel good.

4:17 PM – Woohoo – no hunger, no eating. I feel good. This is good.

Back to this morning - I didn't add my dinner.  I was hungry and probably ate to a 5.  I didn't feel too full at first, but I did later.  All in all, though - I feel really good about yesterday's eating.

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