Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Self-Care List

I got this from Christine Inge's newsletter:

"First, I encourage you to make a dream self-care list. Make a list of everything that you would do for yourself (and ONLY yourself) if no one would judge you for it. Then, be honest with yourself about how much of it you actually do and try adding in just one thing from that list into your regular routine."

And here is my dream self-care list

1)  1 hour each day to journal
2)  1 hour each day to exercise/stretch
3)  Always have good manicures & pedicures
4) Time to defuzz my neck and face 
5) Time to enjoy a cup of tea
6) Monthly Massages
7) Quarterly facials

How much do I actually do?

1) None
2) None
3) I've been better at this - but am in desperate need of a pedicure
4) I need to keep on this - daily
5) Not so much on this
6) Never
7) Rarely

OK   - Action plan

1) Journal - gotta think about this one
2) Exercise/Stretch - most days, leave the office at 4pm and come home to take care of me.  Ask D to do the errands
3) Schedule a pedicure today!
4) Make this part of my bed time routine
5) Make this my after dinner routine
6) Gotta think about this too - not in the budget
7) Same as above

OK.  I have my plan for today:  1) schedule a pedicure  2) leave the office at 4pm.  Ask D to pick up beer when he stops at the liquor store. When I get home - exercise!

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