Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Habits Rearing Their Heads....

So, I'm back at work this week and to be honest, I'm finding it very difficult to focus on my food when I'm eating.  I'm eating until the food is gone - not until I no longer enjoy the food.

This is my next hurdle in moving the line towards my happy health - making time to eat with focus at work.

I've got all the roadblocks already in my head:

1. Our break room is one of the most uninviting places I've been - I don't want to eat there
2. I don't have time to actually take a break
3. My food isn't conducive to taking outside to eat

I don't have the roadblocks cleared in my head yet... but I will be thinking about this.    I can't do anything about #1 - but #2-3 are all within my control.  So I'll be focusing on removing those two roadblocks.

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