Sunday, November 6, 2011

And more mittens!

I'm on a roll. Three pair in two weeks! These are done in a luscious teal alpaca and feel oh so yummy on the hand. As I knitted them, I decided I couldn't keep them for myself, but my co- worker should have them. She is undergoing chemo and radiation and is always cold. Maybe these will help a little.

My Lab results are in: my thyroid levels are normal so the hair loss & splitting nails go unexplained.

Good news, since I am highly predisposed to Type II diabetes: my A1C is very normal, and slightly lower than it was the last time it was tested.

Karen, thanks for the comment and suggestion. As I typed that post, I thought of you and your journey with the medical field and wondered if I might need to expand my options.

Right now, I am "doctored" out and also feel the need to question my motivation to seek medical assistance. I'm not sure the part of who wants everything RIGHT NOW isn't driving this need. Perhaps, even though I know one doesn't exist, I am still seeking the holy grail of weight management: the magic bullet.

I think more thought and action needs to given to the idea that my metabolism is deranged and needs tender, loving care.

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