Thursday, November 3, 2011


I haven't talked about health issues in a while.  Some new ones have popped up and they may or may not be trivial.   My hair has started falling out and my fingernails split and break if I look at them the wrong way.

I went to an endocrinologist yesterday.  I wanted to rule out thyroid and get an explanation if not my thyroid.  The doc pretty much ruled out thyroid on spec and gave me no explanation.  Perhaps this is my personal cross to bear - living with things that aren't quite right and have no explanation about why they aren't quite right.

Another reason I went was my weight - D is convinced the gain and struggle to lose is due to PCOS.  The doc says I probably don't have PCOS.  Great.  I did so I do.  PCOS doesn't go away until menopause and I'm, based on hormone levels, years from that.

BUT... this got D and I to talking.  Perhaps the gain and struggle is more than PCOS.  Perhaps it's something we are both going to have accept:  people who have been morbidly obese most their entire lives have such deranged metabolisms that consistent normal food intake is just not feasible without weight gain or killing one's self with exercise.

The good news - amazing since my exercise has been all but non-existant lately: my blood pressure was 102/70.

The other good news - I met my goal of logging my food for two weeks.  Next goal: continue logging my food until Thanksgiving.

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  1. Have you considered seeing a naturopathic physician? What I love about their approach is that they don't see our symptoms as "issues" or "problems" to be masked, but rather as gifts to be unwrapped and discovered.

    Between my naturopath and the hormone specialist she works with, I have been able to heal on so many different's like a domino effect.


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