Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honoring Myself - Doing what makes me smile

Last week, I made a mistake: I purchased brown crisped rice cereal from Erewhon to stir into my yogurt and fruit.  I didn't put two and two together that crisped rice would go soggy in about 2 seconds.  And it did and it was yucky.  What to do with the expensive cereal?

Rice crispy treats.  Yeah.  Why not?  Hubby goes - why on earth are you doing this?   "I want to"  I retorted.

My version will have marshmallows and peanut butter.  And butter.  I haven't made this in ages  - as in close to 15 years.  But making treats makes me smile.  I'll make them today and take them into the office tomorrow.  Yes, I'm an enabler.   But except for the marshmallows, I'm using real food.

Peanut butter:  peanuts, salt
Butter:  milk cream
Brown rice cereal:  brown rice
Marshmallows: more than 5 ingredients, so not real food.

My concoction will be 75% real food and OH SO MUCH better than the crappy commercial ones they sell in the vending machine. Yuck.

The next time I decide to make such treats, though, I'll skip the marshmallows - I found this recipe this morning: Peanut Butter Crispy Bars.  I don't have all the ingredients, but these do look like a wonderful indulgence to make at a later time.

What are you doing to make yourself smile today?

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