Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Recap

Wow - it's been a busy week

First - I met my intentional movement goals and then some!  I did strength training 3x and I walked 3x. Yesterday's walk was great - fast, and challenging and it left me feeling energized.  Today's walk was slower and longer and I felt great after it too.

AND THEN.... after yesterday's walk, I helped hubby wrestle a 70 gallon aquarium down our garage steps (think steep) and then out to the road.  To be honest, that was a scary thing.  I was afraid I'd lose my balance and fall and end up under the aquarium.  It was so very heavy.  But it sprang a leak and D hasn't kept anything in it for the past 3 years or so.  And he has no interest in keeping aquaria again. So - off to the street it went.  The stand is next.

AND THEN.... after today's walk, I planted a flat of portulaca.  I'm slowly beginning to enjoy gardening.  As long as I keep it small scale, I think I'll be fine.

I could have made better food choices, but I'm feeling OK with what I ate.  No guilt, no "I should haves" etc.  And that is definitely a new thing for me.

I've had a few moments to reflect and I'm growing happy with my path.  I like that.

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