Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby, it's hot out there

So hot that I nixed my plans to walk this morning.  I did some unplanned moving instead in the form of chores.  Not much - but it's OK.  I did intentionally move 4x this week.  I met my goal.

I'm so excited- southern vegetables for dinner tonight.  I typically stew my yellow squash but a couple of years ago, D prepared them the way his grandmother did.  He called them fried squash and I guess in a sense they are - but don't go thinking breaded and deep fried.

Southern style (as in south Georgia style) fried squash employes a slow cooking method, bacon grease (just a table spoon for the entire mess), thinly sliced sweet onion (only a little), thinly sliced yellow squash, salt & pepper, and a cast-iron skillet.

The result is a yummy dish - the squash are slightly caramelized, sort of falling apart (not quite mush) and incredibly rich tasting.   I cooked them this morning so they'll be at room temperature for dinner tonight.  It's so hot here the last thing I want is a plate full of hot food!

To go with our dinner, lady peas, roasted corn, roasted okra and ham steak. I may or may not have any steak. We'll see.

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