Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updates may become a bit infrequent

My work is about to kick into high gear for at least the next six months or so - lots of over time, which will takeaway from 'me' time.  I'm looking at areas in my life where I spend some time and question the value - looking to prioritize the valuable 'me time' I do have.  And right now, this blog - as much as I enjoy it and the feed back I am so fortunate to receive, needs to take a lower priority.

I committed to my husband that I will continue to put myself first - take care of my needs first.  My needs right now are:

Healthy intentional movement
Appetite Awareness
Good, real food
Meditation/Journaling (this is private and off-line)
Relaxation - knitting works for me

Blogs will take a back seat for a while.  But I'm not disappearing and will catch up with my favorite bloggers from time to time.

Until then...

Be well.

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