Monday, March 3, 2008

Fly Lady

I've seen some studies regarding a possible correlations between clutter/messiness & financial issues with obesity. I won't discuss those findings here - intead, I'll say my house was filled with clutter when I was at my highest weight. And that made me feel badly about myself which made me want to eat and I typically gave into that urge which made me feel worse about myself. Rinse and repeat.

I found a great resource to help me get rid of the clutter and keep my home peaceful. Fly Lady is a real person who deals with her own clutter and food issues with routines. And she's very gracious about helping others with establishing their own routines. I don't use her system just as she describes, but I have used the principles to help me get rid of the clutter and keep it out of the house, establish my workout routines, and just plain get things done that I typically don't want to get done.

Routines are critical to my success in managing my weight. Whenever I start slipping in the routines, I notice it's easier to make unhealthy choices about food and to let my exercise slide. And that is a formula for gaining weight.

I'll post more about the specific weight management routines I maintain at a later time. This post is simply to introduce you all to Fly Lady. A word of warning - Flylady's program relies on emails. A lot of them. And she accepts no whining about them. Instead she tells you - unsubscribe or simply delete them.

Here's that link again:

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