Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2 - No Sneak Eating - A success

I did it. Tonight was a bit more difficult because I actually did have to prepare lunches for tomorrow (as well as my breakfast and all my snacks). And D made a yummy - not diet friendly - hamburger pie for dinner. No snitching as I was cleaning up. No snitching as I was dishing out my yogurt and applesauce for tomorrow. Yay me.

And the reward - Mars Needs Guitars by the Hoodoo Gurus.

Another success - I've finally found a sweetener I can live with: Sun Crystals. It's got sugar in it - real sugar - and stevia. A friend recommended it to me and I'm incredibly grateful. I've been searching for a year for something to replace Splenda. This is it.


  1. Good for you! Keep it up. Insteresting song title. . .I'll have to check it out. Songs seem like a great motivation.

  2. Maura, great job!! I just bought some Sun Crystals to try too, haven't tried it yet though. Keep up the great work, I know you can do it. :)


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