Monday, December 21, 2009

Hanging in there

First of all - thanks for the comments & concern.   I have to do this my way or it won't work.  Part of my way is making my weight management efforts have as little as impact as possible on D.  I am responsible for my weight - not him.  There are many reasons why I want to impact him as little as possible and those are private.

The scales were static this morning.  That's actually a good thing considering I spent the weekend with my mother and while I tried to eat responsibly (succeeded with one meal), I still ate too much.   I also know why I had such a sudden jump in weight (Fri to Sat - up 2 lbs).  I started a period.  I wasn't expecting it.  Happy perimenopause.

We're going for Mexican today for lunch.  It will be D's only meal of the day and my heavy meal of the day.  I've already looked at the menu and have decided I'll have the chicken and rice soup or something made with shrimp.   The soup is the healthier option.

The reward for sticking to my plan - feeling good about myself again.

Thanks again for the comments and concern.  I will get through this rough patch and return to my happy weight - in as healthy a manner as I can.

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