Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So, I had the barbeque shrimp

And chips and the cheese stuff.  But - I did switch the mashed potatoes for rice and beans so I could at least get a bit more fiber with that starch AND I only ate one of the homemade flour tortillas that came with the meal.

I was very full afterwards and it was my main meal of the day.  I had a small snack of some peanuts while D and I played cribbage yesterday evening and that was it.

The scales were down a lb today.   I really do think this is why daily weighing is important: it gives you a picture of what might be going on:  sudden and big (more than 1 lb) weight gains/losses have more to do with water retention and hormones than eating too much or just enough to lose weight.  I think seeing the sodium gain is important.  If I'm experiencing a sodium gain, I'm eating out too often and indulging in carbs too often.  It's a good check point and helps keep me honest with myself.

Today's food plan -  yogurt and sweet potato for breakfast,  soup (chicken broth with shrimp and some broccoli & quinoa) for lunch,  a protein shake for my afternoon snack, and roasted chicken, broccoli and some form of starch for dinner.  Definitely doable - especially if I get my butt downstairs now to make my soup.

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  1. So how did the day's plan go? Did you make the soup?? {{maura}}


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