Friday, December 18, 2009

I still eat emotionally

It's not been a great week.  I've eaten poorly.  Some of it, I enjoyed, some I didn't  so I can't even say it was worth it.

So, I'm up two lbs from last Friday.  Yesterday was my birthday and I indulged some.  It was Tuesday and Wednesday that did me in.  Wednesday was off to a good start and then someone bitched about something I'd done and I got upset.  I was already stressed.  And there was leftover yummies from the breakfast and lunch I had arranged for a client visit.  And Old Maura took over.

So - I'm up two lbs.  And I'm heading out of town for the weekend just when I need to be eating cleanly.  I need a plan and a major reward for sticking to the plan.

Food at my mother's house - one serving.  Period.  She won't force it on me.  I nibble because I'm at my  mother's house.

Carolina Barbeque - one serving of my favorite things and only one hushpuppy.  

What will be my reward for sticking to the one serving rule over the weekend?  A new magazine.  That will work.  I truly feel magazines are indulgences and some of them I really like.

I refuse to go further down this slippery path.  I REFUSE to all Old Maura to ruin all this hard work.

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  1. First of all, happy (belated) birthday!!!!

    Re the rest; you can do this. You are dealing with the double whammy of "the holidays" and your birthday rolled into one, so I guess there was bound to be a bit of slippage. That said, just be firm with yourself. You CAN hold firm with yourself! :: hugs ::


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