Thursday, December 10, 2009

In a funk - Wednesdays are dangerous

It seems like every Wednesday, I have my favorite foods that I should avoid flaunted in front of me.  And every Wednesday, I have to do something I don't really enjoy.  The result - I want (and do) 'reward' myself with the food that should be avoided.   Yesterday it happened again.

I am strongly considering changing my long day at work to Mondays to see if it will help.  Another solution might be that one of the  other admins and I change how we provide coverage to the front desk - she takes the lunches and I take the breaks.   The afternoon break could be difficult, but the temptation won't be as long.  It's an idea.

How did I make this work with OPTIFAST?  I was able to completely avoid seeing food.  I've implemented the simplicity factor - and plan to make it even more simple next week.  So - this is matter of putting action to long term desire and not short term lust.

So - I'm taking bets again - I'll be either the same or up in weight tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. well, I hope it's not a whole pound up. Perhaps put off weighing a day? And really eating pristinely/angelically today? Maybe it'll be a wash. :)


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