Sunday, January 3, 2010

Turnaround Year

I've decided to make  2010 the turnaround year.   I guess that's somewhat fitting since 2005 was also a turnaround year.

Here's the reality:

Today's weight: 158
My weight a year ago today: 149 & change

Today's weight is 2.4 lbs higher than Thursday's weight.  Last year, I would have rationalized away the gain saying it's a sodium spike and a little too much to eat/drink.  And last year, I rationalized myself the addition of 10 lbs to my on the small side frame.   I'm not just putting on the brakes, but I'm turning it around.

My goal is 130 lbs.  Here's how I'm going to reach that goal:

Week 1:  Assess my Current State
Log ALL my food (including coffee and alcohol)
Log all my steps
Log all my water

Week 2 and beyond:  Incrementally decrease caloric intake, increase physical activity and water consumption

Log all my food - decreasing intake by 10% each week until I'm averaging  1200 calories per day
Log all my steps - increasing steps by 10% each week until I'm averaging 10,000 steps per day
Log all my water - increasing consumption by 10% each week until I'm averaging 64 oz per day
Add formal exercise until I'm back up to 5 - 6x per week - with a balance of cardio, strength and stretching

During this process, I will endeavor to be kind to myself.  I'm not a failure because I've slipped.  I'm still me - just a bit frustrated with myself right now.  I'll learn to embrace the process and acknowledge my daily triumphs as well as missteps.

That's it.  My turnaround plan.


  1. I haven't a doubt in the world that you will get there. You've been dealing with a bit, even beyond the normal holiday hustle and bustle. You'll right this ship before you know it!

  2. Looks like a great balanced and doable plan! Did you see my last post on failure? It's good food for thought. I know you will do it! :)


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