Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eater's Remorse

First  - thanks to everyone who dropped by and left a comment.   I have to say, going quiet has helped me some. When I write for myself only, I can identify things that may  not necessarily come out when writing in a public forum.

Today, I was working on a task from Julia Cameron's The Writing Diet and the words Eater's Remorse popped in my head.  And this is the result:

Eater’s Remorse

I’ve experienced this so very often this past year because I ate without thinking, or sometimes willfully ignoring the little voice that said choose something else.  The without thinking part is the part I want to work on.  Remember the commercial “I could’ve had a V8”?  Well, too many times I’ve eaten something I didn’t really need or want just because I wanted to eat.  And afterwards I’d remember “Dammit – I could have gone for a walk, or had a cup of tea or anything else other than that cookie.”   I experienced Eater’s Remorse and while it usually feels worse than whatever I was trying to medicate with food, right now it doesn’t seem to feel worse enough for me to remember to do something else.

Right now, the substitute behavior is writing.  I like that behavior – I enjoy doing it.  And when things aren’t too busy at work, I can write to my hearts content.  But when they get busy, I tend to forget to take a few minutes to type out what I’m thinking/feeling about food.  Until AFTER I’ve had one (or two) of the leftover brownies or cookies from Jason’s Deli. 

I don’t know what the answer to this is, but to keep trying.  The more I try and the  more successes I do have- then that’s progress. 

For now my mantra is going to be “I choose to avoid Eater’s Remorse”


  1. I know about Eater's Remorse. Whatever it was ... it was never worth it and the weird part is I knew that when I was eating it. Gosh, why do we do that???

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