Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Conscious Saturday

I have to be honest.  I have allowed myself to completely forget that I must manage my weight 7 days per week instead of 4.  Yesterday was my first Saturday in a while where I didn't just say to myself "Aww, screw it.  It's Saturday.  Get what you want."

I had planned on having lunch at Panera and had already set my order in my head.  D decided he wanted to have Steak and Shake instead of Panera.  So, on the way to the restaurant, I had MFD Mobile up on my iPhone and decided what I could have - a grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of fruit.  The fruit was good. The sandwich was nasty.  But I did it.  I stuck to my guns and didn't say screw it and end up with a hamburger and french fries in front of me.

I did the same thing at dinner - measured my steak (just under 3 oz) and filled my plate with veggies instead of mashed potatoes.   And I started the evening with diet tonic and lime sans gin.  I did have two gin and tonics before the evening was over, but I didn't over indulge last night.  And I feel GREAT today.

And I'm looking forward to a conscious Sunday too.

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