Saturday, July 3, 2010

Challenge 7/3 -7/9

It is important to make sure I choose DOABLE challenges this week. With eating out a bit more because of the 3-day weekend and then heading out of town on Thursday it may be difficult to do what I would like to do and I am still of the mindset that I am giving myself no challenge that would prove difficult to meet.

So, for this week, I will...

Log every bite using MFD - I have an iPad and it’s easy to do this, even on the road

Drink 72 oz of water each day

Yoga: Sat - Mon - at least 20 minutes each day, Mon-Fri - do at least 4 sun salutations each day.

Mindfulness practice: for each meal the requires utensils - put my fork or spoon down between each bite and focus on my breath for three breaths.

Why do I want to meet these challenges?

  1. I will continue to become more confident in my ability to make wise choices around weight management
  2. Drinking water keeps my hydrated and feeling refreshed
  3. Yoga is helping my breathing and making me feel at peace
  4. Mindful and intuitive eating is my ultimate goal for weight management. Adding the breathing between bites will help establish the beginning of mindful eating practices.
  5. I am feeling healthier and stronger and more at peace than I have in quite some time. Continuing to practice the behaviors that have helped me achieve these feelings will help me continue to have them and make them stronger.


Daily - foot massages

1-3/7 days - just the daily reward

4/7 days: new song for the iPhone

5/7 days: new app for the iPad

6/7 days: some new knitting notion

7/7 days: book for the iPad

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