Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling strong and grateful

So, just a few days into publicly being accountable for my goals and asking for help - I feel stronger and incredibly grateful.  One of the women I want to grow up to be happens to be a co-worker who has maintained an 80-something lb weight loss for I don't know how many years.  I would have never have guessed she had ever been overweight.  C was the first co-worker I enlisted to help me.  She is IM'ing me a couple of times a day to remind me to drink my water and is so proud of me when I reply "I'm about to pee my pants."   W and C have also been recruited.  Their support is wonderful  - so a big thank you goes out to them.

And Kelly and Stacy - thanks for dropping by and leaving comments.  It really does help to know people are reading and following along.  And I know for myself that sometimes I think  - "I need to go back and post a comment" and then never do.  So I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave comments.

Another plus is coming from this. I suddenly seem to be so much more in tune with my body's real needs.  And it REALLY needed hydration.  Just two days into getting my 6 cups a day and I've started craving water.  This is good.

And by being hydrated, I have noticed that during meals, I start to feel uncomfortably full - halfway into my meal.  I take a few more bites and stop.  This has never happened before.  I like it.

I splurged today - on knitting needles. Lovely Lantern Moon size 8's - straight.  They are so beautiful.  I can't wait to cast on with them.  I have some oh so so soft alpaca that is in my line of vision and I think the alpaca and Lantern Moons are going to be good friends.

I finished my mittens.  They just need to be blocked.

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