Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chinese Style Marinated Celery and Carrots

Have I mentioned that I have a long-distance, one-sided, completely unrequited crush on Mark Bittman?

I loved his Bitten column in the NY Times (now changed to a food/dining column I don't like so much), his book Food Matters, and I finally splurged and purchased the How to Cook Everything iPad app. For an app, it's a bit pricey: $9.99 - but it is well done and I really like it.  So much I'm thinking about gifting one to my mother.  (I love that iTunes lets you do that).

OK - so much for the free advertising.  Next time, I'll talk about my crush on Michael Pollan, but for now, on to the first recipe I tried - Marinated Celery and Carrots - Chinese Style.

He says it takes 10 minutes.  That's IF you are fast with the knife.  I'm not.  But that's OK, it was fast enough.   I'm not sure if it's a copyright infringement to post the recipe here - so I'll just put the highlights in.  If it sounds interesting to you - by the book or the app.

For a 106 calories per serving - if you eat 1/4 of the batch, that's a serving - you get a very tasty medley of carrot and celery sticks marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, peanut oil, rice vinegar and a touch of sugar.  If you try to make this without the recipe, it's a lb of vegetables to about 1/4 cup dressing made in the classic salad dressing ratio of 1:3 acid to fat.  One trick - salt the chopped veggies first.  Make sure to rinse them and pat dry before dressing.

Nutrition Facts 

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