Sunday, March 6, 2011

*@#$ Computer!

I had a nice long blog post just about ready to submit and then somehow managed to delete the entire text and couldn't get it back!

So, here I go again - round 2.   Let's see if I can actually post it this time.

D and I are on the backsides of our colds.  Still some drippy noses, coughs and sneezes, but my head no longer feels like it should explode any second.  I'm thankful!

I read a FREE ebook (Kindle or iBooks) yesterday - How to Lose Weight Without Dieting by David Nordmark.   In terms of the food part, he offered nothing new.  The main point was to lose weight, we have to stop eating when we aren't hungry.  Duh.  But he did offer a new way to look at it:  Look at the wild animal kingdom - how many unnaturally fat animals do you see? I think hippos and rhinos are supposed to be a bit fat, but not lions and tigers and gorillas and monkeys, etc.  Good point.  What do they have in common?  They don't eat if they don't need food.  I am phrasing it a bit differently.  I do think that wild animals may eat more than they need to satiate current hunger, but they eat to store food because they know it may be a few days before they get food again.  They eat to meet that need, not the current hunger.

My cats, on the other hand, have a constant food source.  None of them are fat and none of them live at the food bowl.  Hmmm.

When I was on Opifast and got cranky about the lack of variety in my food choice, I thought about my cats.  They ate the same thing day in and day out.  Their only complaints came when the kibble got too low in the food bowl.  I used their behavior as a way to modify my thinking about lack of choice.  Why can't I use it again to modify my thinking/habit of eating when I'm not hungry and eating more than I need to satisfy my hunger?

OK - I'm stopping here before I lose the damn post.  I have a recipe to post, but that will come later.

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  1. Maura
    I have been back on shakes for the past week and again am so surprised how I'm not really hungry. When I'm back on food I'm constantly thinking about food and eating...I just wish I knew how to turn it off


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