Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm wondering if I should end this blog.  I started it about a year after I lost almost 70 lbs and had maintained the loss.  My goal was to help others with maintenance.  And here I am 4 years later, struggling with a 30 lb gain.  I didn't help myself!

Right now the blog feels more like work than a help.  I get stressed that I'm not posting.  Part of it is that I'm rarely at my home computer.  I may be on it 1-2 hours per week.  I use my iPad to read blogs and write very short emails.  I don't like it for posting to the blog.

Also, I can be a  good writer, but I'm not fast at it.  It takes time for me to write what I think will be a meaningful blog post.

So, I'm leaning towards ending the blog.  At the same time it feels like I may be cutting a lifeline.


  1. Maura,
    I know how you are feeling. Sometimes I get stressed that I'm not posting more often or more meaningful posts. Then I remember that I started my blog for ME, to keep me accountable and to have an outlet for my excitement, fears, frustration, trimphs and yes, to share my knowledge and experience with others.

    Those of us who are non-professional bloggers get it. We are busy and have full lives already.

    If it feels like work right now, just take some time off and let go of any guilt or stress about it. Reflect on what you really want or need this blog to be about--maybe you need to not blog about weight issues but something else for a while?


  2. I agree with Sandrelle. We all hit highs and lows when it comes to posting. If you do quit, though, I suggest at least keep up with reading other blogs; it will help you on your weight loss journey. (I gained back 30 too, in I can relate.) :)

  3. Maura -- I also hope you hang in there! I blog, but keep it private so it's like a diary. I do find it useful in my maintenance. But definitely no one needs to feel guilty about it! Maintenance is hard work. I've been up and down so many times (I'm 48). This last time, I thought from the beginning how I would maintain. I'm still doing it (two years and counting) but it is truly a focus and I do not ever feel I can just eat whatever I want. Best wishes!


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