Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slow Down Week 1

Exercises from the Week1: The Metabolic Power of Relaxation (The Slow Down Diet by Marc David)

1.  Give yourself the gift of more time to eat at each meal.  Eat in the sitting position and choose to not answer the phone, read/answer emails (or blogs), or engage in any form of work while you dine.

What are my roadblocks to this?

1.  I don't take a lunch hour.  I get to work between 7:30 and and 8 AM and work while I eat breakfast and lunch so I can leave at 4 - to miss traffic.  I also build up time so I can enjoy 1 lunch hour per week with my hubby.

How can I remove this roadblock?  Get to work at 7 AM so I can take a 1/2 hour lunch break.  I will get up earlier and be ready to leave the house by 6:30 AM - or if I'm riding to work with D, start working at 6:30 AM.

2. Primary Task: Become a slow eater.  Change the focus from what to eat to HOW to eat.

Answer the following questions:

  • Do I tend to eat more when feeling anxious?  Do I eat less at those times?  Does it depend on the situation?
  • What kinds of circumstances prompt me to eat this way?  Certain times of day? Certain settings? Work? Family?
  • Approximately how often do I eat under stress?  
  • Do I tend to eat certain foods when feeling stressed out?  List as many of these foods as I can? Which ones do I eat the most?
  • Do I feel full after stressful eating or do I feel hungry?  Are there common physical symptoms?
  • How much time do I take to eat when feeling stressed?  Do I taste my food?  Do I chew it or shovel it down?
Think about meals when I've been relaxed while eating. How often does this happen?

3.  Exercise: Check in and breathe at every meal - ask these questions before eating
  • Am I about to eat under stress?
  • Is my mind in high gear?

    Take ten slow deep breaths
4. Exercise: Breathe While You Eat - at least three times during a meal, ask myself "How is my breathing"  Consciously deepen it with as little effort as possible.

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