Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Considering

And simplifying. I can at least do that much for myself.

I know I will post at least once month.  I'm weighing myself monthly now and I will update my weight monthly.

I just realized I've allowed myself to become so overwhelmed that I'm not even acknowledging the small things I do each day to promote my health.  Right now, I  shouldn't be taking any of my positive steps for granted.

So - here's a shout out to ME for some things I've done in the recent past to promote a healthy me:

1.  Joined a walk challenge at work - we begin tomorrow.
2.  Planned my breakfast and lunch for the coming week
3.  Gave myself permission to take a shortcut - I bought yogurt (Fage, YUM) instead if making my own
4.  Remembered to boil eggs for the week
5.  Took some time to read some positive blogs about life balance

And lastly -  I let myself feel some anger about this.  Mainly I'm angry at myself, but I wasn't allowing myself to feel it.  I've rationalized my way to an extra 30 lbs and have given the nay-sayers more ammo to say weight management doesn't work.  I've allowed myself be on the wrong side of the statistic and I promised myself I wouldn't do that.  I've disappointed myself.

And now, I'm ready to start taking care of myself - first.

Thanks to Sandrelle and Sunny for your wise and kind encouragement.  It's appreciated.

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  1. We are all in this together. :)

    It sounds like you are taking positive steps in the right direction for YOU, and that's what is important. I suggest not blowing up your blog might change your mind down the road and wish it was still here. Like suggested, you can either make it private for a while, ignore it for a while, or any combination thereof.

    I have tried all of the above, and I know for me, keeping the blog is a truly important step of my healthy life. It keeps me honest. Any time I go 4 days or more without posting, I can just about guarantee you I'm cheating on what I should be eating and/or not exercising like I should. But I recognize that now. So that's good.

    We are all human. We'll go up and down...but all learning is a pendulum...swinging back and forth, but hopefully the swinging is less pronounced (i.e., we self-correct sooner than in the past)...until we hopefully settle somewhere right in the middle. :)


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