Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Day

So I wasn't so busy yesterday - but I've made up for it today!  I got up this morning and started cooking:

baked kale chips (a la Jaques Pepin)

roasted zucchini
boiled kale
cole slaw (regular kind)
prepped cabbage and carrots for Indian Carrot Slaw
roasted peanuts

Tonight for dinner we're having a southern vegetable dinner:

Lady peas (like a field pea, but even yummier)
green beans
boiled okra
fried (not breaded, just cooked in a skillet with butter) squash
silver queen corn
sliced tomatoes
corn bread
and ham steak

D is in the kitchen cooking now and I just got finished working up an appetite - 105 minutes of Leslie Sansone.  I've done 10 miles in the past two days!  Yay me!

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