Friday, July 1, 2011

More changes

I'm changing the blog somewhat.  I'll still post rambling thoughts about weight management, but they may not (hopefully won't) be the sole focus of this blog.  I have other interests - I enjoy cooking, reading and knitting and I'm learning about taking care of plants - annuals and perennials.  But no one ever hears about those things from me.  Instead they hear whining and complaining about weight management.  Or my latest and greatest approach to weight management.  It has been the sole focus of my life since I was about 8 years old.  When things didn't go well,  I blamed my weight.   And I stopped living.

One of my perennial beds...

I've been reading lately about the dangers of being obsessed with weight management and realize that some, not all, of my struggles were due to my own very unhealthy obsession.  There really is more to my life than that and it's time I started recognizing it.

The new background image is of the creek that runs by the front of our house in the mountains.  I'm not naming the creek due to privacy issues, but I will say the white man's name of it means creek in Cherokee. So we live on Creek Creek.  Not full time yet - but we will retire there.

What has been my focus this week besides food?  (there was a lot of inappropriate focus on food)  I read two books:  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  This sounds awful, but I'm sort of glad the author died before he could write any more books about Lisbeth and Mikel.  Knowing how it ends is one of my weaknesses with reading and Larsen(sp?) knew how to wrap up a story without wrapping it up - leaving just enough loose ends to make you want to know more.

And talk about getting hooked - I'm hooked on those damn  - and I do mean damn  because they just suck you in - Sookie Stackhouse vampire books.  Good stories, if not necessarily good literature.

And D helped save my million bells annual.  My mom has one on her deck and she lives in a hotter growing zone than we do, but mine got totally zapped by the heat and then drowned by the rain.   It looks like it's going to survive.

And I'm picking out yarns and a pattern for my next afghan.  But I still have two projects to get finished up before I start the afghan.   Here's a pic of what I'm currently knitting - I gave the one in the pic to my mom - the colors are so her!

Until then - let's go be in our lives!


  1. YIPIOKIYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good for you, Maura! I am so happy to hear that you are choosing this path.

    When we first embark on weight loss and healthier living it comes to the forefront. There is a lot of learning and thinking and trying on new things/ideas. At some point it, it should just become a quiet part of our lives. Something we do, not something we are. I've been relearning this lesson again, too. I had been arranging my life around my exercise. I had a light bulb moment, and am now arranging my exercise around my life.

    To better balance!

    Have a great 4th weekend.



  2. @ Peach - thanks so much for the comment and the support you've given me over the past few years. I am excited about getting on with my life!


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