Monday, June 13, 2011

Good weekend

D and I left Thursday evening for North Georgia instead of Friday morning.  This did something really wonderful for me - it eliminated the stress I usually feel trying to get my hours made up at work.  We got up there in time to relax Thursday evening and then work all day on Friday.  Working looking out the window at my beautiful creek!

He and I also talked a lot about my weight gain and some other things.  I've ordered a glucose monitoring kit and will start measuring my blood sugars each morning for a while.  We want to get a better idea  of which foods (or drinks) cause the most impact.

Better yet, we actually checked in with each other before automatically preparing and eating dinner on Friday.  The result was that we skipped dinner and I was fine with it.

And I played with flowers, went to the farmer's market  (scored a huge back of kale for $1!), and basically just enjoyed a good relaxing weekend.

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