Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lots of baby steps today

I left work sort of on time for once.  And when I got home, I announced to D that I was going to do something novel: workout.   A real, honest to God, sweat-making workout.

For the first time since I started losing weight, Leslie Sansone was hard. And I feel really good about sticking with it and getting two miles in.  Stupid pedometer only registered 3 miles.

And I made a decision about journaling.  It's gonna be a bit too hard to start a regular practice each morning.  So - I will journal on the weekends and do sun salutations every morning.  That's my plan and I start tomorrow morning.

Acknowledgements of what I did well today:

1.  Ate more slowly
2.  Paid more attention
3.  Reminded myself I could be hungry for an hour
4.  Worked out
5.  Really enjoyed 2 Godiva gems. (dark chocolate, of course)

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