Monday, June 6, 2011

Work is busy

And I stuck to my guns.  I told people I was leaving at 4pm and the ones who decided that I wasn't serious found out I was.  "No, I'm sorry - I can't get that for you.  I've  just shut down and I have to leave."  She wasn't happy.  But I was  - leaving on time gave me:

  • An easier commute home
  • Time to hit the grocery store
  • Time to move my body with Leslie Sansone  (2 miles from the 5 Advanced CD)
  • And peace of mind
I have to work a little tonight, but that will be OK.

Had a great weekend - a girlfriend and I had a girls'  weekend at Coosa Creek.  Much fun - lots of talking, some good girlie food, some good wine, some shopping and some walking!  Uphill walking!  My friend and I walked the paved footpath from the parking lot at Brasstown Bald to the top- we climbed about 500 feet in .6 miles!  It was steep and I took my time and made it.  Yay me!  And thanks to A for encouraging me to keep going!

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