Thursday, October 13, 2011

OK - I only slowed down the runaway train

Yesterday didn't go as planned.  I ate some cake.

And it also hit me that my work environment is probably my biggest challenge.  At my old job, I was not an administrative assistant (ie, someone who deals with lunch orders for meetings) nor was there that much food brought in for lunch.  It was officially frowned upon.  Not so much where I work now.  And because I'm an admin, I have to deal with the food.

And I have this thing about food, if I see it and it looks good, I want to eat it.  Hungry or not.

I'm on vacation next week and will have some downtime and I plan to explore ways to 1) limit my exposure to the food in the office and more importantly 2) remember to follow my own guidelines when it comes to eating:  only when I'm truly hungry and only until I am no longer truly hungry.

I've finally accepted the fact that at almost 50 years of age, I have to learn how to eat.

And I'm going to do so - because I deserve to be my best self.

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